What Sets Us Apart

Quality dentistry is all about the patient, and at Mendes Family Dentistry, P.A., that’s what we strive to provide: quality, patient-focused dental care. We believe in treating our patients as we would our own families, with excellent patient care, respect for our patients’ needs and time, and a genuine concern for our patients’ health and well-being.

Our greatest goal is to provide excellent dental services and the highest quality of results, while working as a team in a fun and family-oriented work environment. We are dedicated to:

  • Your comfort: We are very committed to relationship building and allaying our patients’ fears and concerns in the dental office. We provide a spa-like experience with audio relaxation therapy and nitrous oxide analgesia to help make our patients feel more comfortable. 
  • Your convenience: We are a full-service practice with 24/7 emergency coverage. We take care of all needs for more than 100 insurance companies.
  • Your experience: We want our patients to feel confident in their health and be so happy and pleased with our services that they want to refer their family, friends, and coworkers.
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