Self-Care with Oral Hygiene

Happy Self-Care month, everyone! Self-care can mean different things to different people, but for Mendes Family Dentistry, a healthy smile comes first.  A healthy smile is achievable for everyone - all it takes is a tiny bit of effort at the beginning and end of your day. We have a few suggestions for our patients who are looking for a guide to excellent oral health. Let’s get you smiling for a lifetime!
For brushing, we recommend twice a day and flossing once a day (preferably at night). It doesn’t matter if you prefer a traditional or electric toothbrush as long as your toothbrush of choice is used correctly and you’re brushing long enough. For flossing, water picks are great and so is regular floss. We aren’t too fond of flossers.  We recommend Glide floss in particular.
A healthy smile can lead to a vast improvement in your overall health and boost your confidence. Remember, balance is key so make sure you are eating a nutritional diet and making time for exercise.
We hope this motivates you to shape up your oral health routine! We can’t wait to see your beautiful smiles in our office again soon.

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